The Bay of Fundy Tidal Action

  • Each phase of the tidal cycle is 6 hours, 13 minutes
  • The average tidal range is 45.5 feet
  • Tide times move ahead one hour per day
  • The highest tide in the world was measured at 54.8 feet, in Burntcoat Head, Nova Scotia
  • Twice daily, over 100 billion tons of water moves in and out of the Minas Basin
  • This waters exceeds the amount of all the water in all the rivers of the world
  • The sheer weight of water flowing into the Minas Basin causes Nova Scotia to tilt!

Ready to explore?

Explore this wonder of the world by: Tidal bore rafting, visiting awe inspiring views, whale watching, travel by ferry to remote Fundy in-lands, kayaking, walk on the seabed which will soon be covered by Fundy's Tides, travel out to the headlands, discover dinosaur fossils, gems stones and much more!

Just tell us...

  • How many days (minimum is two and a half but no maximum)
  • Your interests (and activity level) so we can develop where we go, what we see and what we do each day
  • Who is going; Just you and your group or is the trip open to others?(The minimum for a small group bus tour is four - the maximum is six
  • The start and ending dates of this journey

Blue Diamond will develop a journey that incorporates all the elements you want, thus creating your tour, your way! Contact us today to plan your Fundy Experience.


Thank you for the wonderful trip and all the wonderful things you did for us. It was and will be a treasured memory.

Margaret & Joe Patterson
Dartmouth, NS

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