Leaving Halifax, we’ll briefly stop at the Millbrook Cultural and Heritage Centre. Here, we’ll learn the story of Nova Scotia’s Mi’kmaw people and about Glooscap - the legendary figure who, in Mi'kmaw lore, was the first human on Earth, created from a bolt of lightning in the sand.

"Full of unusual things to see and do"
- National Geographic

We’ll meander along the coastline, perhaps popping into a local farm market for a delicious treat or into a local art studio for a visual sensation*. We’ll stop at the award winning artisan cheese maker ‘That Dutchman’s Farm’ to sample some superb cheeses and also enjoy a stroll around the beautiful property to meet some of his animals.

A short, scenic drive, will take us to the town of Parrsboro, described by National Geographic as "the prettiest place, more than picturesque", and "full of unusual things to see and do".

A visit to the Fundy Geological Museum is an absolute must which we’ll visit prior to lunching in one of the quaint eateries in the area.

Sign for Fundy Geological Museum showing a dinosaur

For those with energy and feeling adventurous, a guided tour of Wasson’s Bluff is on the agenda for the afternoon. This area is one of Canada′s most significant fossil sites: “A trove of early dinosaurs and creatures that lived in the early Jurassic period. Equally intriguing is the dynamic, sometimes violent geological landscape that contributed to their preservation.”

For those not feeling quite so energetic, a relaxing afternoon of strolling along the shoreline or shopping in boutique stores can also be option.

Upon return to Halifax, if timing permits, we may be able to witness the arrival of the phenomenal tidal bore at a scenic look-off in Truro. We’ll be back in the city in time for your evening meal.

As with all blue Diamond Tours, this tour is fully customizable to your interests. Perhaps you would like to attend the Ships Company Theatre in Parrsboro and spend the evening in one of the towns delightful accommodations, incorporate other tidal attractions or hikes/tours of the area or visit artisans and galeries. The choice is yours.

Contact us and let us make it happen.

A group of people standing on the mud during the low Fundy tide

Water at high tide. A boat is sailing toward a small lighthouse
The same scene at low tide.
A cliff at the water's edge.

Thank you for the wonderful trip and all the wonderful things you did for us. It was and will be a treasured memory.

Margaret & Joe Patterson
Dartmouth, NS

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