Custom Tours for Genealogical Research in the Maritimes

Are you searching for your ancestors in the Martimes (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or PEI )?

Are you looking to do:

  • personal archival research
  • walk on the very soil "they did"
  • see the cemetery where some now rest
  • all tied in with sightseeing, some history sites and local cuisine 

We offer

  • small group trips (one to six persons)
  • customized itineraries designed specifically for you
  • input as to where to direct your genealogical research 
  • arrange for a visit to the Nova Scotia Genealogical Society's Member's Only Research Library
  • full transportation with a knowledgeable professional driver-guide
  • accommodations with breakfast daily  
  • entry fees where required (non-genealogical sites) 
  • all road, bridge and ferry tolls
  • AND we know the quicker, efficient and effective routes - we don't get lost!

Let us know what you:

  • wish to research
  • when is the ideal date(s) for you
  • how many persons will be with you

We will work with you to have your trip fully designed to meet your requirements and then arrange for implementation.

For more information or to start planning contact us today.


Tour list

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Fax: 902 445 3311

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Halifax, Nova Scotia
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